Interesting Link on Chabad

I found this interesting link which gives us people of faith a reason for heretics and atheists.

Here is the 1st paragraph:

Thank G‑d for atheists. If not for their scorn, how shallow our god would be! As one chassidic master told his disciple in reference to a certain heretic, “His heresy is closer to the truth than your faith.”

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3 Responses to Interesting Link on Chabad

  1. Ed Mahmoud says:

    Not sure what put the bug in Chuckles but about the believing Christians and Jews on his site. I can only think of three possible ways to view the Universe/origins of life. Evolution, as a complete random accident, after a random and accidental Big Bang, which I guess is Chuckle’s theory, a literal belief in the creation story in Genesis (or literal belief in the creation legends of non Jewish or Christian belief systems), which doesn’t jive with what I do at work, or a belief in something resembling Evolution, with a Supreme Being involved.

    I’m sure Chuckles has no patience for literalists, so basically, only atheists are welcome there now.

    I subscribe to Number 3, with a belief that Genesis is Divinely inspired, is somewhat allegorical, and written for the non scientific people of the day, but with deeper Truths that are still valuable today.

  2. muman613 says:

    Hello Ed,

    I agree, that the problem many people have is taking the story of Bereshit {Genesis} literally. Nobody, Rabbis included, ever intended that the Torah is a history or science book. It is most basically the wisdom which encompasses humanity and the orgins of humankind.

    Science is wonderful, and it has revealed many truths. But science is in the hands of man, it is possible that science makes mistakes, because mankind is inherently flawed. I do not immediately believe every so-called scientific finding because often scientists make errors. Even Charles doesnt believe the scientists who find that the world is warming due to human industry. I believe there are scientists who truly believe this, they are not trying to deceive the world. They are caught up in the paranoia and craziness of the political left. Even though there are a good # of scientist who say that warming is a natural thing and the earth has warmed and cooled many times in the course of history.

    To contemplate the world without purpose is foolish. Without absolute truth we are just like bacteria in a lab dish. The fact that humanity reached out for the “Tree of Knowledge” was inevitable. It is part of the plan which Hashem created. Science is not evil on its own, but when it is used by humans to make his presence more hidden I do protest.

  3. trajan75 says:

    Muman and Ed,
    I agreee. There is a middle group for religion and science. It’s not exclusive. I don’t believe in the 6 day creation theory or random eveolution. To be honest I can’t describe what I do is just focus on the beauty of God’s creation.

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