My experience in the grocery store

This is the last post I made at LGF after which I was banned. I dont think what I say is offensive but it is evidence that Obama supporters are racist and antisemitic. Judging from the content on Obamas website this makes absolute sense. Considering that Obama sat for 20 years listening to Reverend {Wrong} Wright and his anti-American and anti-Semitic rants, is this all that surprising?

Last week I needed to pick up some items at the grocery store. While standing in line an african american man walked up and started to read the ‘rags’ {gossip magazines}. He said the following:

“Snap! I didnt know Obamas mother was a whitey! …. Did I say that out loud?”

To which the checkout clerk responded:


I was the only white person in line and they looked squarely at me when they said this. I found this very offensive. I lived for several years in Venice Beach CA and while living there I got jumped by the Crips and had my nose broken. I consider african american gangs to be equal to radical islamic terrorists. From then on I see no problem calling a spade a spade. We should not bow down to the demands of any racial group, african americans included. I have never used racial epithets to belittle others , but obviously those in the grocery store were trying to make me uncomfortable.

If they can call me ‘whitey’ I will call them what they deserve to be called. Obama has not done racial relations any favors. I think he is making racial relations worse. I think it is part of his plan of dividing Americans and causing economic strife. His tax plan is aimed squarely at the upper middle class, to steal from the rich and give to the ‘poor’ {welfare state}.

I know these people, who have no desire to work, and would love to live off a hand out. What has Obama done to make things better? His entire church was preaching racial division and hatred {I cant believe the crap I heard his reverend spew, and he is supposed to be a man of faith!}.

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4 Responses to My experience in the grocery store

  1. trajan75 says:

    You got ban for this? Charles is really a Stalinist.

  2. deb says:

    The article you submitted directly addresses the rampant belief in American culture and subcultures that systematically blames, harrasses, humiliates and antagonizes the white man.

    Putting light on this type of destructive philosophy (increasingly rampant in American society) is the first step in changing it.

    We all know that actions speak louder than words. Charles actions tells us that he is supportive of this type of mentality.

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  4. argylesock says:

    Did Charles specifically say this post is why he banned you?

    I read it, and I don’t see the problem with it.

    You were *not* lumping all black people together in one group – it was clear to me you were talking only about a sub-culture, such as Obama, pastor “Wrong,” and the two people at the checkout line.

    Maybe Charles misunderstood and thought you were talking about all black people everywhere?

    Or, maybe he thought it was going too far to categorize types like Rev. “Wrong” as Islamic terrorists?

    Personally, I don’t have a big problem with that characterization, since hate is hate, and Rev “Wrong” sounds like some of those hate-spewing Muslims I see on TV.

    The only difference is, so far as I know, Rev. “Wrong” has not hi-jacked a plane or blown anyone up with a bomb.

    After all the stuff at LGF over Vlaams Belang and Fjordman, I think maybe Charles is hyper sensitive to anyone disputing how white people are treated around the world today.

    Charles seems to think that any white person who speaks out against the prevalent white-bashing that goes on around the world (including in liberal American universities) is a KKK or Nazi sympathizer, skin head, or what have you.

    And that’s strange, because that kind of thing was indirectly bashed a lot at LGF, whenever anyone spoke out against multi-culturalism.

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