What I believe

Someone visiting my site may ask themselves a question. What does the author of this site ‘really’ believe. It is a good question, but one which is often difficult to answer. A good starting point would be to point out that I have a very strong trait called EMMUNA, which is hebrew for faith or belief. It is this trait which gives me strength from day to day, no matter how many trials and tribulations the day may reveal. I believe this trait of EMMUNA is essential for a human to be able to deal with his problems, and yet be able to help others and contribute to society.

To some individuals the world we live in is a cruel one. It is a world of “Dog eat Dog” and there are no prisoners taken. This is the world which is envisioned by science, one where the fittest, or often the strongest, survive. In such a horrid world, only those who are deemed acceptable to society should be allowed to live. Old men and women, and weak youths should be spared a life of misery, and save the society the cost. This has been tried, it was the system the Greeks and Romans used to cull their citizenry. Those deemed feeble and useless should be exterminated. But this system is not the system the Jewish people believe in. This is not what our loving father wanted. He has shown us mercy and kindness. This kind of kindness allows the weak to live, it feeds the hungry and clothes the poor. Hashems mercy fills the world, and yet some people seek to hide his glory in the name of science.

I am a computer scientist by profession. I went to school and learned my trade, and have practiced it for over 20 years. I understand absolute logic, where debugging code is second nature. But computers are not humans, and they dont understand nature. We are the masters of the computers and I dont think that the machines will be able to match the complexity of the human being. The human body is a grand design, and it is a miracle that life exists in such a container. I believe completely in two worlds, there is the physical world which we see, hear, and feel. And there is a spiritual world which is way beyond our ability to understand. Our bodies contain our souls, they are a vessel through which our souls operate.

When I started my studies in computer science I had dreams of advanced artificial intelligence by the early 2000s {I started my career in the mid 80s}. I know there have been advances in the field, but we are still very far off from demonstrating simple human attributes. The speech recognition systems still suck, the visual recognition systems are not close to perfect. My high school science fair project was a small robot arm controlled by an Apple II {which I programmed} which was able to build leggo houses to order. As I grew older I realized that technology and science will not answer all the questions in life, and we are a wise and learned people, our ancestors must have had these issues in their day. Learning Torah shows me that through the generations a teaching was handed down from father to son, through the centuries. This wisdom is true, and there is meaning on many levels, not only the simple understanding. I understand that the unlearned may mock because they have not studied. But I also believe that anyone can change, and one day they may wake up and see that they are on the wrong path. They can pick up and rectify what ever they think they may have done.

Mercy and Kindness, Love and Charity, these are concepts with very little science to back them up. The fact that earth is perfectly suited for our life is a miracle. There may be other planets which can have life, that is not debated. But the human race is a marvelous race, and it has a purpose which is not revealed except for through faith.

I believe there is a good purpose for all races and nations in the world. G-d has said that all his creation is good, and all are in his image. All mankind must be kind and should be aware of the Noachide laws. Is it any wonder Hashem would have to bring a flood to rid the world of all the theft and immorality in the world at the time of Noah. Humanity has such an attraction to all that is physical and self gratifying. Hashem says to the Jew, “Look inside yourself, raise that Yidden Soul up and do what you need to, to bring about rectification!”. Hashem says to the nations, see what is happening here, there is a path to being close to the master of the universe, if you really want him. We are to make a tabernacle in our hearts and Hashem will be with us. In our prayers we say that he is close to us in distress, because he hears our cries.

I believe in peace and love amongst our brothers and sisters. I am one who longs for the coming of Moshiach, who will bring about the messianic age. If I could quit work and just be in the congregation of the devout, in Hashems holy place, I would be so fulfilled. I know it is premature and we should not speculate when he is coming. But is it not hard to believe that with the current political climate that the age of moshiach is not far. When the fabric of society is falling away, and it is hard to keep your faith amongst the mockers, it is a sign that moshiach is coming.

I hope this explains some of what I believe. But it only scratches the surface.

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3 Responses to What I believe

  1. trajan75 says:

    It’s me Rodan. This is a great website, Charles is a false Prophet and is anti-Religious. He bans Jews and Christians who believe in the word of God. I’m adding this website to my TPwatch link.
    Expect me to be a regukar here!

  2. funkyfantom says:

    Hey excellent! I googled anti_LGF and found this. Yup, I just got banned myself by Der Fuehrer for defending ID, and pointing out what scientific ignoramuses Charles and his band of ass-kissers and sycophants are ( of course not in those words ).

    I slammed ( politely I might add ) them several times on his scientific cluelessness – he was scared to debate me – he isn’t at all interested in debate – only in being a leader of toadies who fawn all over him.

    Let me know about good alternative sites – good riddance to that loser – his site is becoming a redundant waste of time anyway.

  3. trajan75 says:

    Charles is an egotist. He only knows how to make benemies. He’s increasingt anti- Judeo/Christian and is mocking people of faith.

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