Israel – Hamas Ceasefire Already Violated by Phalistinians

I am not a betting man and yet when I heard that Israel was even contemplating a ceasefire with her nemesis Hamas, I was inclined to wager on how quickly the Phalistinians would violate it.

Well, it lasted almost seven days. Hamas was just waiting for the right time to resume launching their Kassams and mortars into Sderot.

The article can be read at Israel National News @ .

I am old enough to remember many broken ceasefires and promises by the Phalistinians. Is there any sanity in trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results? As Likud MK Yisrael Katz said,

“The agreement was over even before it started. The government, which has both abandoned Gilad Shalit and also not achieved a calm, must respond with unusual gravity, or else the lives of the residents of the south will be totally wanton.”

Let us hope that our brave men and women in the IDF have Hashems ratzon and deliver a message to the rogue element in Gaza. How can any nation exist while missiles are raining daily on residential citys. I pray that Israel gets the chutzpah to stand up for what is right.

PS: Spelling of Phalistinian is on purpose.

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