Mel Brooks Inquisition Clip

Just thinking about Jackie Mason and I remembered the fantastic scene in Mel Brooks movie “The History of the World – Part I”. Jackie plays a poor Jew who is being tortured by Torquamata {his balls were used to play ping-pong}.

Mel Brooks was very clever in his humor. I myself think this clip is hilarious because it portrays the Inquisitor as a fool. Also due to the fact that the presentation is in musical style it makes the subject matter light and humorous. Also the Jews are portrayed as strong in their religion and unwilling to convert to the false religion of the inquisitors.

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2 Responses to Mel Brooks Inquisition Clip

  1. trajan75 says:

    OT- Chuckles is now attacking Bobby Jindal for signing an ID bill.

  2. avideditor says:

    Ya I saw that. I hope Bobby Jindal because VP. I wonder if Charles would rather support Obama then alien himself with a politician that believes G-d created the world.

    BTW How much money do you think Drudge took to sell out to the Obama camp.

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