My First Draft for a McCain Speech

About six months ago I started to write a speech I thought would help McCain. It is not completed but I thought I would post it here:

Americas Opportunity

The world is a wonderful thing. It’s beauty and it’s vitality are awesome. Humanity flourishes and makes incredible progress. A human being should take a rest and contemplate the blessings which happen daily. Even in the darkness, the soul of man can conceive of hope. Each of us is a true individual, possessing a unique combination of skills and weaknesses. Our society is especially wonderful, our individuality an asset which we are proud of. Our individuality and innovativeness has fueled great inventions in the fields of medicine, mathematics, and electronics.

The light of our collective soul is burning brightly. We can shed light to the four corners of the world. Our abundance in skills and material can be the greatest thing if we use it for the good. While the truth flourishes in a world of bright light, the lack of truth grows in the peripheral darkness. Every mature human being knows that the lack of light, the darkness, is essential for us to appreciate the light.

The last century has been a difficult one for America. We had two world wars, depressions, financial scandals, wars which were fought and lost because of lack of resolve, recessions, sex scandals amongst some of the more memorable failings. But honestly we should wonder what living in America was like right after the civil war. It is hard to imagine the healing which had to take place to bring together the north and the south, to agree to stop killing each other and live together.

America is a land of hope and opportunity. The masses come to America because of the dream which all clear-headed people have, of being able to make a name for yourself, your family, and your generation. They are coming from all over Asia, including China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and India. They are coming from the Philippines and from Tibet. There are so many who come from the lands of Europe, including Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Hungary. They come here because life in America IS better than life in these other lands. We should not feel ashamed to say this. America is the best place to live in the world.

The people of America want a strong country, one which will not fail in protecting its citizens from attacks. We often learn early in life that those who are jealous of other peoples blessings will often lash out and try to destroy that which is good. This is one reason why a portion of the world is attacking us. The other part is an ideology which plays right into this kind of persons fears and desires. If America wants to stand tall against enemies which want to destroy it, it must be able to address both aspects.

First thing America needs is strong and regulated borders, both north and south. If an enemy can enter the country with impunity they can cause horrible damage to our infrastructure. If the country can ensure that immigration is legal and that undesirable {criminal, terrorist} individuals are not allowed in then we can move on to the next step.

Americans have such abundance. This incredible plentifulness should be used to help raise up our friends and neighbors. This country is one of the biggest donor nations in the world. Giving to the needy should be more of a priority. Individuals should take more responsibility by volunteering for community services. We can reach out a hand and get back a more compassionate world.

In order to combat radical religious ideology we must utilize a devastating weapon. The most lethal weapon to use against the darkness and evilness which radical religious ideology employ is the light of truth. The truth is used like a sword to remove the evil of the extremist. Our righteousness, combined with the light of truth, will be able to dislodge the misinformed ideologies. These religious dogmas of forced conversion, death of infidels, armed struggle, and suicide bombers must be extinguished with the bright light of truth.

Thats it for now…

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