Jackie Masons Position on Obama – Iccchh!

Jackie Mason is a master of comedy. He has a shtick which many attempt to duplicate, but none can truly copy. Here is my favorite “Celebrity” opinion on the presidential race. I must say that I agree 100% with everything he is saying.

hat tip : avideditor @ http://avideditor.wordpress.com

Obama cannot expect the good people of our country to forget the lies he spread about his association with Rev. Wright who just exudes hatred. The evil Reverend never apologized for his wicked rants, only made things worse. Obama expects us to forget that he sat for 20 years in the pews of this despicable ‘man’s church. He lied when he said he never heard the wicked preachers anti-american and anti-semitic rants. He lied about this because he is embarrassed. Who wouldn’t be embarrassed when they were caught in a lie. This man was made to look like a post-racist candidate. Instead he is a run-of-the-mill politician from Chicago who plays the race card like it was a game of blackjack.

I just pray that America wakes up and sees the ugliness of the man who betrays his church for political purposes. I have no doubt that Obama and his wife share much of the animosity which was preached from their church. I just hope that the hand of Hashem protects us from the evil which may be unleashed by an Obama presidency.

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