Phalistinian Terrorist Shot Three Times in Head


An Arab Israeli went on his jihad today. He killed Four innocent Jews and wounded at least 40 others. Luckily a Jewish Hero was on hand to dispatch the evildoer with three shots to the noggin {pop goes the phalistinian!}. Personally I would have pumped another ten rounds into the scumbags skull. It is just atrocious that Israel allows these animals to work in the country. If I were PM of Israel now I would immediate evict all non-Jewish Arabs from Israel and relocate them to Syria or Lebanon, where they belong. This is the second Phalistinian scumbag who took advantage of the situation in Israel in order to kill Jews. Earlier this year a Phalistinian cafeteria worker at a Yeshiva {Religious School} in Israel went on a killing rampage and killed Eight young men and wounded ten others.

When will these animals be stopped. Israel and the world must stand up against these wicked people who are stealing our land and killing our children. The Phalistinians are very clever and sly and have twisted world opinion against us. How can cold-blooded murderers and terrorists be coddled by the worlds mainstream media?!? CNN is even so weak as to fear using the word ‘terrorist’ to describe these subhuman animals. Terrorist is too good of a word for these snakes. The only thing that the Phalistinians will hear is a strong hand and a swift kick in the ass.

Yeshiva Material splattered with blood

NOTE: There is no such thing as a palestinian because there was never a country called palestine nor a people called palestinians. There is no palestinian race nor has there ever been a palestinian king or president. The word palestinian was invented by arafat and his cronies in the 60s. Before this the term was used to describe the Jewish people who lived in the holy land. These people have no right to be in the land of Israel. Israel must rid itself of the parasites which are infesting the land.





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