Watch the Dog Die on Live TV

The scumbag Phalistian who killed Four Jews and injured 40 others was caught on camera as his head was popped like a balloon. Normally I dont like to watch this kind of violence, but I have a thing about terrorists {I like my terrorists dead dead dead}. There is something pleasing in watching a despicable swine being dealt swift and absolute justice. It is just too bad his head wasn’t blown off a few minutes sooner thereby saving the poor innocent Jews from being killed by this putz.

All terrorists should be dealt like this. Death to Islamic terrorists! NOW!


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2 Responses to Watch the Dog Die on Live TV

  1. muman613 says:

    Maybe the terrorist was insane… Well, all Phalistinians are insane… Is that an excuse?

  2. trajan75 says:

    Palistinians don’t exist. They are Muslims. That’s whyt they’re crazy, they belive in something that isn’t true.

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