Na Na Nachman MeUman

My brothers and sisters sing and dance in the street. There is nothing like the Breslov Chassid. He grows his peyos and beard. He goes out and enjoys the life which Hashem breathed into his nostrils. The Simcha which most of the Breslov brothers exude is intoxicating.

Here they are dancing in the street:

Rabbi Nachman was a pious Chassid who taught that kindness and joy are the path to get close to Hashem. In the year 1811 the Rabbi died in Uman and every year his Chassids make a pilgrimage to be close to his burial site. His teachings are followed to this very day. The reason the great Rebbe wanted to be buried in Uman was because of the great pogrom in Uman. In the year 1768 the Haidamak army of Ukraine an estimated 50,000 Jews and Poles were massacred. It is this which reminds me every day that they are trying to kill us.

For more information about Breslov Chassidim go to

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  1. trajan75 says:

    You have to post on this. Chuckles is once again attacking God believers. He’s now saying ID/Creationists are incahoots with Jihadists!

    This can’t stand.

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