Jews Against Obama

If you are a Jew, or a righteous Gentile who supports Israel and wants to become active in the campaign against Obama please visit the site .

We are trying to get the word out about this Democrat candidate. There is good reason to suspect his image and his intentions. It is well known that he has no experience in any area which is relevant to the problems which our country faces. His political connections through his dirty deals in Chicago are notorious and well known. His views on Israel are very suspect as he has already performed an about face on this very important issue of dividing Jerusalem {BOO!}. Obamas energy policy is very whacked {meaning Bad in street talk}. I cant believe I heard him say that we can solve our countries energy problems by simply inflating the car tires. I have my tires checked twice a month when I get oil changes and I dont think this will save me any money. He is arrogant and has already acted like he has won the election despite only being ahead by 1 point in the latest polls.

If you would like to join this effort and be active in supporting America and the Jewish causes then come and visit JTF. They are a friendly group to those who are friendly or are interested in true discourse. But they are brutally honest to those who come to troll the site. They have had Nazis and Islamic nutjobs comment on the site and had to ban them.


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