Example of European Antisemitism

In recent days I have noticed more antisemitic incidents in Europe. I have heard this for about a year but now the signs are much more obvious. I have always been one to support the ideal of “freedom of speech”, but sometimes there are limits to this freedom.

For example: In Paris France today, according to BBC NEWS report, a shop was selling T-Shirts which had the statement “JEWS FORBIDDEN FROM ENTERING THE PARK” on them.

This is very disturbing. There is an investigation into who was involved in making these shirts and selling them. Apparently they figured they could charge $27 bucks a pop. I sure hope any fool dumb enough to buy a shirt like this would wear it in the privacy of their own closet.

Another story which I read on the excellent news site IsraelNationalNews related that a British lawmaker sued a Jewish radio station for libel and forced them off the air [LINK]. In my opinion this was very unfair. Mr Galloway has made statements to the effect that the media is owned by the Zionist interests.

Mr Gallows

I have been very lucky where I live because I have not witnessed any antisemitism. I believe it is because I am openly very Jewish and people respect people who are what they are. I heard a Rabbi relate this idea, that people dont respect Jews who are ashamed of their heritage.


PS: hattip to avideditor.

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One Response to Example of European Antisemitism

  1. avideditor says:

    why do you think Israel National News is so good? Don’t forget there opinion page endorsed Ron Paul.

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