McCain Takes Lead in Zogby Poll

Wow, this is encouraging information… It looks like Obama is going to have to play catch up as we move toward election day. According to Zogbys latest polls McCain has pulled into the lead by a whopping 5 percentage points.

McCain Moving Up In Polls, Takes 5 Point Lead In Zogby National Survey

New polling data just released by Zogby International this morning shows Sen. John McCain jumping to a 5 point lead over Sen. Barack Obama nationally. The poll of 1,089 likely voters taken August 14-16 shows McCain leading Obama 46%-41%; a similar poll last month showed Obama leading McCain 47%-40%.

Obama Edges McCain Nationally In LAT/Bloomberg Poll Another new poll out this morning also shows McCain making strong inroads on Obama. A Los Angeles Times /Bloomberg News poll shows Obama leading McCain 45%-43% head-to-head, and 42%-41% if minor party candidates are included. The poll surveyed 1,248 registered voters from August 14-18. A similar survey in June showed Obama leading by 12 points.

Tracking Polls Show Similar Narrow Gap. The Gallup daily presidential tracking poll shows Obama leading McCain 45%-44%, down from a 46%-43% the previous day. The poll surveyed 2,648 registered voters from August 16-18. The Rasmussen Reports automated daily presidential tracking poll for August 19 shows Obama leading McCain 45%-42%, and 47%-45% including leaners.

Obama Up By Single Digits In Iowa Poll The AP reports that according to a University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll conducted Aug. 4-13 Obama leads in Iowa 44%-38%. Including leaners, Obama leads 48%-43%.

McCain Up By 3 In Florida A Rasmussen Reports automated poll of 700 likely Florida voters taken August 18 shows McCain leading Obama 46%-43%. In a similar survey in late July, Obama led 46%-45%.

McCain Up By 6 In Indiana A SurveyUSA automated poll of 645 likely Indiana voters taken August 16-18 for WCPO-TV Cincinnati and WHAS-TV Louisville shows McCain leading Obama 50%-44%.

It is looking up as Obamas lead is shrinking. Lets hope his ego hasn’t been damaged as his arrogance is killing him. It is good news that the country is waking up and realizing what a fraud Obama is. He is not good for the economy, not good for the security of the country, and certainly not a good choice to be president, let alone dog catcher.

Obama is a communist in sheeps clothing. His relations with known terrorists, his lack of good sense in relating with an anti-american, anti-semitic church for 20 years, his Nation of Islam advisors, and his lack of knowledge of American history {57 states} makes him unsuitable to be president.

Let us hope that after McCain wins we can look back on these times and laugh. We must make sure that Obama does not become president. Get the message out about how wrong Obama is on just about everything.


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