Obamas Campaign is antisemitic

The more I read official Obama material it becomes more evident that his campaign is employing quite a bit of antisemitism to rally his base. As others have reported his website is full of posts which accuse Jews, the ‘Jewish Lobby’, and Israel of just about every crime under the sun. His followers and advisers subscribe to every antisemitic canard including blood libel and deicide.

Just today it came to my attention that the official DNC site contains even more anti Jewish sentiments. When it was recently related that McCain was considering Eric Cantor, an Orthodox Jew, as his VP the Democrats didn’t wait a moment to attack him.


The Demoncrats attempt to tie the fact that he is Jewish to Jack Abramoff. This is completely ridiculous but it shows how low the demoncrats have sunk.

I noticed that the Demoncrat party was becoming more and more antisemitic in 2005. That is when I switched back to the Republican party, where I was when I was 18 and voted for Ronald Reagan. I am so proud of having voted for Reagan as he was the best president in my entire life.


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