Rabbi Nachman – On Israel

I was just reading on the Breslev site a very interesting story about the great Rebbe Nachmans teachings regarding the land of Israel. Many people I talk to dont really understand how much the Breslev Rebbe loved the land of Israel and felt that a Jew was not complete unless he or she was in the holy land.

I quote from the Breslev Site the following:

Chambers of the Palace, Part 9

Struggling to Come to the Land of Israel

Rebbe Nachman said that a person who desires to be a Jew-that is, to go from level to level-can only do so via the land of Israel. When one is victorious, one is called a warrior. Before one is victorious, “let the one who is girding himself not praise himself like the one who is taking off his belt” (I Kings 20:11). Only after one is victorious is one a warrior.

After Rebbe Nachman finished this teaching, I asked him, “What were you referring to when you mentioned that the land of Israel is so great and going there constitutes the concept of victory?”

He grew curt with me and answered, “I meant the land of Israel in its simple meaning-with its houses and buildings.” His whole intent in describing the level of the land of Israel was the actual land of Israel to which Jews travel. It was his desire that every Jew-whoever really wants to be a Jew-should travel to the land of Israel. Even if one had many obstacles, one should break through them all and go there; for when one manages to come to the land of Israel, one achieves the essence of victory.

Rebbe Nachman encouraged me a great deal and inspired me to break through all my many obstacles. As a result, I myself traveled to the land of Israel.

“He who is putting on his belt should not boast like the person who is taking it off” means that a person has to undergo much suffering and obstacles before he arrives at the land of Israel.

Once, when Rebbe Nachman was speaking of the many obstacles and dangers that he had undergone in Istanbul, he told us that we can come to the land of Israel easily.

We would not have obstacles such as he did. If we wanted to, we could go to the land of Israel easily. But we too must be prepared to suffer and to break through obstacles before arriving, for, as our Rabbis taught, the land of Israel is one of the three things that were given with suffering. The other two are the Torah and the world-to-come.

Once, Rebbe Nachman said that there are people who imagine that they are really yearning to come to the land of Israel-but only if they could travel in comfort. But this is not a perfect desire. A person who truly desires to come to the land of Israel needs to go even by foot. As Abraham was told, “Go”-meaning, walk. (Chayei Moharan p. 12, #15)

Rebbe Nachman said, “My place is only in the land of Israel. In all my travels, I am only traveling to the land of Israel, and for the moment, I am a leader in Breslev and other places.” (Chayei Moharan, p. 68, #6)


Rabbi Nachman was very wise and his parables are full of meaning. I recently purchased the book “Rabbi Nachmans Stories” from the Breslev publisher in Israel and it is very interesting. His vision of the world was so true and his ability to transmit Torah was very awesome.


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