Obama – Not to be trusted

I have recently seen some very funny and enlightening videos which highlight some of Obamas more embarassing gaffes, mistakes, lies and backtracking he has done while on the campaign trail.

There are only 2 1/2 months till the election. It is important to know just who you are voting for. Most Obama fans are just like kids at rock shows, they like the show, but dont know the members of the band. Obama is not qualified to be the president because of what he believes, because of what he has done {and not done}, and because of who he is {and it has nothing to do with race}, and because of who he decided to associate with {not just Jeramiah Wrong}.

That is very amusing, in a twisted kind of way. It is so sad to think that people actually are going to vote for this peanut {Carter reference intentional}.

This one is very disturbing. Obama wiggles and squirms while trying to distance himself from Reverand Wright whose incindiary anti-american and anti-semitic speech is revolting and makes me so very angry. If anyone spoke like that in front of me I swear I would give em a smack. Obama is obviously a liar and is very slick in the ability to deny, deny, deny any involvement in wrongdoing. Obama is such a worm it makes me want to puke.

This exposes his churches relationship with famed anti-semite Louis Farrakhan whose own words damn him to hell. Mr Farrakhan is one of those people I think the world would be a better place without. May his days be short and his demise painful.

Here Farrakhan discusses what he thinks about Obama.

The following videos expose Obamas Muslim background.

I dont need to go into why America doesnt need a Muslim as a president. I will leave that to a future post.

Now for some very disturbing evidence that Obama may be involved in a gay/drug scandal. I have heard many stories about Obamas cocaine use as late as the 90s. And do we really want a closet gay to be president? I have heard from within the black community that homosexuality is not looked upon as a good thing.

And what discussion of Obama would be complete without understanding who finances him. Here are some videos revealing George Soros for the evil piece of flotsam he is. Soros is behind the push for globalization and one world {New World Order} government.

Soros endorses Obama:

Rush Limbaugh on “Who is George Soros?” :

Well, enough for now…

This is enough to make any dunce put his cap back on.


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