Who is George Soros?

George Soros is an abomination. I realize that some may not agree, but I must assume they dont really know who George Soros is and his association with some radical left organizations. From what I know about him he is one scarey dude, with too much power and influence. He can’t be an antisemite because he is Jewish, but he sides with the enemies of the Jews including Hamas and Fatah. This socialistic whore is so intent on establishing a one world government that his influences extend to many exotic and anti-american places.

From : http://stevemaloneygop.blogspot.com/2008/02/obama-soros-american-nightmares.html
Over the next week, I’ll be writing about Barack Obama, who he is, what he’s done, and why his election as President would be bad for America. Recently, I noted that Obama — in terms of finances — is largely a wholly owned subsidiary of George Soros, billionaire founder of Moveon.org and a full-time “Amerika-hater.”

I noted that Soros is a supporter of Hamas, the terrorist organization centered in Gaza.One of my critics replied that I was part of “the Republican attack machine” in regard to Obama — and that Soros merely wanted to “negotiate” with Hamas.

My response to him is as follows: “Negotiate” with Hamas about what? The morality of suicide bombings? The wisdom of firing Kastusha rockets into Israeli settlements? The seriousness of Hamas about its stated commitment to the destruction — the annihilation — of Israel? Or about the mass killings of members of the rival Fatah political group?

Go over to Moveon.org, the nation’s largest hate-machine, and you will find out all you need about George Soros and his minions. They despise their country, the one that enabled someone like Soros to amass a fortune of roughtly $10 billion.

In my criticisms of Obama, I’ve noted that he was not only militantly pro-abortion, but also that he favored a form of infanticide. As Michael Barone, favorable in many ways to Obama’s political skills, said in the curent edition of The Almanac of American Politics (p. 539): “He [Obama] voted against requiring medical care for fetuses who survived abortions.”

The blog American Thinker has the following to say about Soros link to Obama:

It is well-known that George Soros, the hedge-fund manager, major Democratic Party donor and anti-Israel crusader, has been a generous contributor to Barack Obama. But relatively few people realize that a loophole in McCain-Feingold allowed Soros his family members to be particularly generous in support of Obama’s Senatorial campaign.

Because Obama was running against Blair Hull in the primary and then Jack Ryan in the general (both multi-millionaires), Obama could, and did, receive especially large donations from individuals, to so-called “millionaires exception.” Normally individuals are limited to giving $2300 to candidates in federal elections, but when candidates are running against millionaires, these limits are lifted and candidates are allowed to receive up to $12,000 from a single individual. Soros and his family gave Barack Obama $60,000. This does not include money that Soros was able to funnel to so-called 527 groups (Moveon.org, for example) that have also been politically active; nor does it include money that Soros was able to raise from tapping a network of friends, business associates, and employees.

After taking advantage of the special freedom to raise large amounts of money from influential individuals, and as the campaigns entered their closing rounds, news was leaked to media outlets that both Hull and Ryan had personal scandals associated with them. The release of this news devastated both of their campaigns, leading to an easy run to victory for Obama in the primary and then in the general election. The New York Times Magazine revealed earlier in the year that David Axelrod, Obama’s chief political and media adviser, may well have been behind the leak of the story that doomed the Hull candidacy as the primary reached its home stretch.

From the NY Post :


February 2, 2007 — SEN. Barack Obama might want to tell George Soros to shut up, now that the Hungarian-born billionaire has equated the George W. Bush administration with the Third Reich. Soros, who spent $26 million trying to beat Bush two years ago, is a key supporter of the media-darling Illinois Democrat’s presidential campaign. But last week at Davos, Soros made folks like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sean Penn look downright patriotic. After asserting that the United States is recognizing the error it made in Iraq, Soros said, “To what extent it recognizes the mistake will determine its future.” He went on to say that Turkey and Japan are still hurt by a reluctance to admit to dark parts of their history, and contrasted that reluctance to Germany’s rejection of its Nazi-era past. “America needs to follow the policies it has introduced in Germany,” Soros said. “We have to go through a certain de-Nazification process.” Soros spokesman Michael Vachon told Page Six: “There is nothing unpatriotic about demanding accountability from the president. Those responsible for taking America into this needless war should do us all a favor and retire from public office.”

From LaRouche site:

How Soros Financed Obama’s Campaign

May 30, 2008 (LPAC)–In late 2006, George Soros, the British empire/Wall Street gatekeeper of the Left, vetted Senator Barack Obama’s potential Presidential candidacy on behalf of financier oligarchs. Soros then introduced Obama to a selected financier group, and Obama soon afterwards announced he would seek the White House.

Soros’s involvement with Obama’s brief national political career had begun two years earlier with Soros fundraising for Obama’s campaign for U.S. senate, and continued through the 2007 Presidential campaign launch with huge fundraising operations by Soros and his circle.

I pray that Hashem will protect us from this evil monster who is wielding his power in order to further his own greed and ego. May all his plans perish from under the sun. The ears of Hashem are to the righteous, to hear their cries. Let us see the hand of the L-rd soon.



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