Obama Doesnt Mind Dead Babies

I have heard of this issue for a few days. I am against Abortion in most cases except a few. I think that this barbarous practice is not very merciful and indicates a lack of humanity. Nobody should have to kill a baby, nobody. Life is sacred and when we have no value for life we become like animals. I am not an animal and I refuse to allow people to desecrate the gift of life in such a brazen manner.

But Obama takes it to another level. He has supported legislation which allows doctors to allow babies which are born alive to die without any aid. It is sick and demented and cruel and beyond humanity that this kind of thing is legal in this country. Obama has no sanctity for life and his lack of sanctity is another reason he should not be allowed to sit in the White House.

Watch this video and be horrified to learn that this charade of a man by the name of Barry Soetero, oops, I mean Barrack Obama is either stupid or evil.


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