Palin Is a Great VP Choice

I have to admit that when I first heard of John McCains choice for VP I was a bit confounded. I had never heard of Mrs Sarah Palin before. And out of the blue she is chosen for this very honorable position on the Republican ticket.

I withheld judgement for many days and listened to what other people where saying. Until I heard her speech tonight I was unsure, but after hearing her I am VERY IMPRESSED!

Sarah Palin is a much better orator than Obama ever could be. She speaks very enthusiastically and she can motivate people like nobody can. I would love to see her debate Biden, she will dominate the poor bastard. Sarah is smart, witty, fast on her feet, and she is knock out gorgeous. Biden doesnt stand a chance against this steamroller. I think she could take apart Obama on just about any topic.

I am proud to be voting for the Republican ticket this year. I was an early supporter of John McCain. Even when my conservative friends were poo-pooing him, I said I thought he would be the next president. I feel like we are very close to victory and the horror of a possible Obama presidency.


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