Video Expose of Obama – Hall of Shame

Here are some very INTERESTING videos which expose Obama as the false hope he really is. Obamas position on Israel is very scary. His association with terrorists is very suspect. Watch these videos and decide for yourself if you think that supporting terrorists is a good idea.

Antisemites For Obama

Here we see British MP Galloway, a well known anti-semite, is ecstatic about the prospect of an Obama presidency. The way he sees it an Obama presidency will directly lead to the destruction of Israel. Here we see him saying this to an Arab news media.

Loony Conspiracy Theorists

Here we hear the loony conspiracy theorists who believe that Obama is actually controlled by the ‘Evil Zionist Jews’.  It is hilarious except for the fact that there are so many gullible people who actually believe this drivel.

Here is an MSNBC report on several lies which Obama has told on the campaign. This is the mainstream media doing a simple investigation on some facts which Obama ‘twisted’.

Obama Lies

Obama talks about his church and lies. He talks about his faith and he lies. Is there anything which Obama doesn’t lie about?

Fact-Check org calls out Obama on a couple lies.

Well, that is enough for now. It is pretty obvious to me that Obama has some issues which makes it impossible for me to vote for him. I also ask anyone reading this to really consider the facts before pulling the lever in November.


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