Tzedekka (Charity)


As we get closer and closer to the High Holidays it is important to remember that giving Charity is one way of softening the judgement. The importance of giving to the poor is clear to anyone who reads our Holy Torah because there are so many mitzvahs which involve helping our poor brothers and sisters.

From RAMBAMS list of the 613

  1. To leave a corner of the field uncut for the poor Lev. 19:10
  2. Not to reap that corner Lev. 19:9
  3. To leave gleanings Lev. 19:9
  4. Not to gather the gleanings Lev. 19:9
  5. To leave the gleanings of a vineyard Lev. 19:10
  6. Not to gather the gleanings of a vineyard Lev. 19:10
  7. To leave the unformed clusters of grapes Lev. 19:10
  8. Not to pick the unformed clusters of grapes Lev. 19:10
  9. To leave the forgotten sheaves in the field Deut. 24:19
  10. Not to retrieve them Deut. 24:19
  11. To separate the “tithe for the poor” Deut. 14:28
  12. To give charity Deut. 15:8
  13. Not to withhold charity from the poor Deut. 15:7
  14. To set aside Terumah Gedolah (gift for the Kohen) Deut. 18:4
  15. The Levite must set aside a tenth of his tithe Num. 18:26
  1. Lend to the poor and destitute Ex. 22:24
  2. Not to press them for payment if you know they don’t have it Ex. 22:24
  3. Press the idolater for payment Deut. 15:3
  4. The creditor must not forcibly take collateral Deut. 24:10
  5. Return the collateral to the debtor when needed Deut. 24:13
  6. Not to delay its return when needed Deut. 24:12
  7. Not to demand collateral from a widow Deut. 24:17
  8. Not to demand as collateral utensils needed for preparing food Deut. 24:6
  9. Not to lend with interest Lev. 25:37
  10. Not to borrow with interest Deut. 23:20
  11. Not to intermediate in an interest loan, guarantee, witness, or write the promissory note Ex. 22:24
  12. Lend to and borrow from idolaters with interest Deut. 23:21

This evening I have been going through my list of Charities and sending in my contribution. I thought that it is good to motivate others to give tzedekka so I decided to write this blog post.

The usual charities I give to are:

I hope that everyone reading this finds themselves with all that they need for themselves and their families to survive. It has been a very tough year and I know it is hard to give. Last year I gave a lot more than I was able to give this year. Please find it within yourself to give whatever you can. Our sages have revealed how important the quality of mercy and charity is for a persons soul. The rewards for giving are unfathomable merit in the world to come.


Deuteronomy 15:10-11
10 Thou shalt surely give him, and thy heart shall not be grieved when thou givest unto him; because that for this thing the L-RD thy G-d will bless thee in all thy work, and in all that thou puttest thy hand unto. 11 For the poor shall never cease out of the land; therefore I command thee, saying: ‘Thou shalt surely open thy hand unto thy poor and needy brother, in thy land.’ {S}

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