Obamas Socialist Credentials


We all know that Obama has some very shady connections and associations. He cavorts with known unrepentant terrorists, is virtually raised by a Communist Party member {Davis} and belonged to an anti-American and anti-Semitic church for 20 years. But as more information comes out about Obamas socialist and communist agenda it is amazing to me that there are still people considering voting for this sham.

Obama also has connections to a group called the “New Party” is an unabashed Marxist “fusion” party which Obama actively sought out and received an endorsement for his state senate candidacy.

Read about this Blockbuster news @ http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2008/10/obama-socialist.html

There’s a lot of buzz being generated about Obama, ACORN and Obama’s first political party – The New Party. How did the Oba-messiah get this far without anyone reporting he was a member of a fringe Leftist political party? Where the hell is the media anyway? Oh, I know. It was just Chicago so he could get on the ballot, yadda yadda. I followed the links back, and can find nothing but assertions without documentation. Surely a Lexis/Nexis search would produce something contemporaneous from the Chicago media? I would imagine the New Party would have rated coverage on its own, and so would news of Obama being endorsed by them.

Obamas relationship with the notorious ACORN is receiving a lot of attention. This group has been involved with serious voter fraud which involves registering Democrats with multiple phoney identities in order to allow voters to vote multiple times. This is a serious violation of the Constitution which establishes a one vote per person rule. Nobody legally can vote multiple times, yet this group encourages their democratic members to violate the law.

Obama is very dangerous for America. I hope that everyone who reads this passes this on. We cannot allow America to fall into the hands of the Communists, Marxists, and Socialists who have always looked for ways to exploit America. Just say NO to Obama.


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One Response to Obamas Socialist Credentials

  1. polunch says:

    The only network reporting this is Fox News. I saw a report this morning where people on the streets of NY were asked if they had heard of Bill Ayers and it was like 2 out of 10 who had. I’ve been making phone calls on behalf on my local headquarters, who by the way desperately need volunteers, to try and motivate people to get out the vote. Because the mainstream media are showing so much postive news about Obama and so much negatve news about McCain it’s really hard. So, if you have any time or know anyone who does, give them a call and volunteer. It could really make a difference. Most importantly, don’t forget to pray to God to save our country.

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