Who is Barney Frank

Oct 21, 2008 – muman613

Barney Frank is a ultra-liberal Democrat who represents Massachusetts 4th district in the House. The label ‘far-left Democrat’ is used to describe Mr. Frank according to GovTracks own analysis of the bills which he sponsored.

Follow the Money trail

Mr Frank is the chair of the House committee on Financial Services which makes him a crucial player in the interface between the banking industry and Washington. Is it any wonder that Mr. Frank has taken money from several banking industry contributors? According to OpenSecrets.org Mr. Franks top five contributors are:

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co $29,300
Manulife Financial $15,000
Royal Bank of Scotland $13,800
American Bankers Assn $11,300
American Society of Appraisers $11,000

Lets look at these contributors… Doing a wikipedia search on Brown Brothers Harriman & Co I find the following:

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. (BBH) is one of the oldest and largest partnership banks in the United States. The firm has 40 partners and employs nearly 4,000 people in eight domestic and seven overseas locations. As of 2008, the firm had $1 trillion USD in assets under custody, including over $16 billion for families and individuals. Brown Brothers Harriman provides financial services to a variety of mutual funds, hedge funds, asset managers, financial institutions, and insurance companies.

The American Bankers Assn is also a very active lobbyist group in Washington shilling for the Banking Industry. As Wikipedia states:

The American Bankers Association (ABA) is a free-trade and professional association that promotes and advocates issues important to the banking industry in the United States. The ABA’s national headquarters are in Washington, D.C. In addition to its trade association mission, the ABA also performs educational components for consumers through its Educational Foundation affiliate.

Mr. Franks top five industries contributed to him from 2007-2008 were the following: [OpenSecrets.org]

Real Estate $182,101
Securities & Investment $176,400
Lawyers/Law Firms $167,118
Insurance $155,798
Misc Finance $52,700

Very interesting that his biggest contributors are real estate and Securities & Investment. Maybe this is why he was not honest about the stability of the system when he was asked.

I do not like Mr Frank for many reasons. He is homosexual and flaunts it and is not ashamed. He pushes for Homosexual rights bills which I think are a waste of taxpayer money. He is also an unabashed irreligious Jew who doesnt know anything about being Jewish. He is an ugly pimple on the underbelly of Washington politics {My opinion}.







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One Response to Who is Barney Frank

  1. Bawney Fwank tried to kick me out of college in 1964. He is a communist (even taught a course on Marxism at Harvard)—not just a self-admitted socialist—–and he would sit in Winthrop House dining room, talking for three hours to his little flunkey suck-ups WHILE EATING THREE FULL MEALS (brought to him by the same little acolytes)! Gawd, I’m glad I’m NOT a boomer!!!

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