On sharing the wealth and selfishness

Shame on Obama for his recent statements calling the “rich” selfish. Obama should be smart enough to know that Americans, especially those who are in the middle and upper class, are the biggest givers in the world. Obama is not honest in his accusations and he is guilty of playing racial games with the people. Playing class warfare with the American government is the standard ploy used by Communists.

It is very scary to think what Obama plans to do to this country. Judging from his tactics and his recent speeches one must conclude that he is truly leaning toward a socialist system of government. While he stands there attempting to deny it the words coming from his lips are saying that he is a socialist.

As was pointed out by Sean Hannity, where was Obamas kindness and his spreading of the wealth to his poor relatives? Charity begins in the home and he should have been caring for his family before he was caring for the community. Obamas priorities are alien to me.

I will stand with McCain to the end.


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