Vote McCain

Shalom Friends,

I just want everyone reading my blog to vote for McCain tomorrow. Obama is a tragedy waiting to happen. His associations with some of the most radical and anti-american characters ever known should be an indication of Obamas political leanings. His association and involvement with a radical anti-American church for 20 years should be a wake-up call to voters. Obama rating as the ‘most liberal’ senator in our government should send people running from Obama. Obamas statements on taxes, ‘spreading the wealth’ and his positions on Israel should be the final nail in the coffin for this ghoul.

Obama is bad news and should not be president. If he wins I predict a dire future for America. America will slide into third world status as unemployment, inflation, and energy issues run wild. Obama has a plan to keep America down while McCain has a plan to bring America up. Let up pray that the good guy wins and the evil is defeated.


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5 Responses to Vote McCain

  1. Your Tragedy.

    Our Victory.

    Our Planets Victory.

    Its amazing that you can’t see that USA is stronger now, since the world looks at Obama with hope. Leadership is back to the US. Thats Good News man…

  2. muman613 says:


    A gullible fellow you are, and quite rude too… You say it’s my tragedy, eh? Why would you say something like that unless you are trying to offend. Another thing Mr. Politispittas should consider is why he has faith in someone who has not proven himself, ever… Blind faith only leads to destruction and despair.

    Obama is a nightmare for this country. The stock market today reacted very badly to the news because everyone knows what increasing taxes means to an economy which is in trouble. We also know that the economy is in trouble because of the liberal democrats in Washington, including Barney Frank, and ACORNs involvement with banks extending loans to borrowers who should not have been qualified, in the name of helping the underprivileged. So now I get to pay the bill for the poor underprivileged families who took advantage of the system. Yes, my tragedy indeed.

    You my friend are one of those who expect to be given a free ride and a free lunch. This is why ‘the world’ likes Obama, not because they really care about America. Only America and real Americans can make this country stronger. I am old enough to have seen the mold which Obama comes from, his name is Jimmy Carter. It was the WORST time in modern American history. I am confident America will survive this nightmare of Obama and rebuild itself from the ashes left in Obamas wake.

    We, on the right, will resist every move which Obama makes. His reputation as the most liberal Senator is not going away. He has never reached out in co-operation with anyone and he will not achieve his goals because of his obstinance.

    So enjoy your parties while you can Mr. Politispittas… Ive been there myself and it is sweet. But when you wake up to the reality of the situation you will be brought back down to cold hard facts. America has real enemies regardless of Obamas international reputation. And we are not getting a free ride nor a free lunch…


    PS: Are you one of those One World government kooks? When you say “Our Planet” I get the impression you think that there is One World government.

  3. Carol Parel says:

    First Mammy Michele Obama will be a disaster. She hates America and America will hate her.

  4. Futurevoter17 says:

    Obama majorily stinks!!! I can’t believe these people were stupid enough to fall for all the change propagnda.

  5. haha you can’t be more true. Keep up the great work!

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