At least Prop 8 Passed

Shalom my readers,

It is wonderful news that Marriage was defined as a special relationship between a man and a woman. I am very happy that this measure passed. This just proves the anti-Prop 8 people were full of it when they said that Prop 8 was all about hate. There is nothing hateful about Prop 8 because all it does is define what Marriage is legally. There is nothing anti-homosexual about it and the whole issue of gayness is non sequitor.

How, in an election where an obvious african american person is voted as President of the United States, which shows that the ideals of racism have receded, can people turn around and vote based on hatred against gays? It doesnt stand reason unless you believe that gays are hated more than black people were in the USA. I dont believe that for a second considering the terrible atrocities which were perpetrated against the african americans in this country in the south. The issue is not hatred at all… The issue is protecting traditional marriages against being lumped in with civil unions. There is something special about a male/female relationship which can never be duplicated in same-sex relationships. This must be protected in the form of keeping marriage between man and woman. Those who have perverted sexual morals can do what they want, just don’t legally call it marriage.


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2 Responses to At least Prop 8 Passed

  1. Pete C says:

    As you may know, only 8% of California’s Jews voted for Proposition 8. Let me repeat that: 8%, far lower than any other religious or ethnic group in the state.

    That statistic should make any Jewish person proud. Unlike outliers like you, there’s remarkably little bigotry and narrow-mindedness among American Jews. And for that I say todah rabbah, khaveirim.

  2. muman613 says:

    Shalom Pete,

    Well, regardless of what the ‘majority’ of American Jews did it does not change what Torah and Hashem himself said about homosexual sex. It is an Abomination regardless of whether 8% of Jews voted this way. As a matter of fact 70% of American Jews voted for Obama… Despite the fact that Obama has adopted a very obvious anti-Israel policy {through his appointments}. This doesn’t change the fact that Torah, which is the gift which the Ribbono Shel Olam gave to his chosen people, expressly forbids homosexual sex acts. If you do not believe in Torah you are only a Jew in name, not in religion. The fact is that a majority of Jews who believe in the Torah, and live a Torah lifestyle, reject the gay lifestyle and the associated ‘marriage’ of same sex couples.

    You call this bigotry yet you don’t know a thing about why it is important for a Jewish family to follow the Torah. In my opinion you must be a Jew who rejects their heritage. There is no argument, either you follow Torah and accept the mission which Hashem has created for the Jewish nation, or you don’t. You obviously have chosen to follow the path of immorality and destruction of the Jewish heritage. I don’t know what there is to be ‘proud’ about for supporting abomination… Maybe you enjoy making our Father in heaven angry at us… I surely don’t.

    If you would like I will quote for you where Torah clearly and without question says that Gay Sex is an abomination. I can also quote for you where it says that female same-sex unions are a violation of a mitzvah. You cannot argue against this without saying that Torah is not binding…This makes you a reformed jew and being such makes you a endangered species because the reformed jews will not exist as Jews within 2 generations {due to intermarriage and assimilation}.

    So have fun while you still can Pete C…. You will witness the power of the L-rd when his promise is fulfilled.


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