Another Low-Life Arab Terrorist gets his head blown off

For the third time in the last year a Israeli Arab has come down with Sudden Jihad Syndrome and taken the tractor which he was driving and used it as a weapon against innocent Jews in Jerusalem. I am a peaceful man but when I see this jack-ass getting shot to death I rejoice. It is seldom we see instant justice against terror but luckily a cab driver on the scene had a handgun and he protected innocent Jewish lives from being wasted by an Islamic bag of nuts.

I enjoy watching the brave taxi driver unloading a clip into the douche-bag Arab whose limited brain capacity was not functioning. It will be glorious when we eradicate these evil people from Israel. All Arabs should be shipped out of Israel as soon as possible. If these ‘people’ cannot live in peace with Jews they need to either be terminated or relocated. Israel and Jerusalem are the exlusive birthright of the Jewish people. There is no such thing as a palistinian people, the very concept was a public relations plow which Arafat employed to delegitamize the existance of Israel.  The Jewish presence in Israel is established through history books, archeological evident and G-ds own word in the holy scriptures.

Arabs in Israel are the living form of Amalek in our day. This Shabbat is Shabbat Zachor, the Shabbat we are commanded to remember what Amalek did to our people. Amalek is the eternal enemy of the Jewish people and we see from the barbaric acts of these degenerate people that they are the remnants of Amalek. May we eradicate their memory speedily and in our time.

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One Response to Another Low-Life Arab Terrorist gets his head blown off

  1. Jason Bean says:

    Oh wow that was wild!


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