Obama Bows to Saudi Thug

It is scary that Obama/Osama is president of this country. Sometimes I wake up and feel like we are living through a very, very bad dream. Every bit of news which comes out, whether it is the fact the virtually all of Obamas cabinet picks have had issues with paying taxes, or that Obams selects cabinet members who are taking money from the Saudis. Obama is leading America on a slow, painful death march which will result in the absolute destruction of America as we know it.

The news I read after having a wonderfully relaxing Shabbat this week is that Obama bent over and bowed deeply toward the thug Saudi prince during the G20 visit. At first it did not phase me too much, but as I thought about it the bow seems very odd indeed. In Judaism we have a principle not to bow to any man, as the Creator Hashem is the only force which we worship. Bowing is a tradition of idol worship and a Jew is forbidden to worship idols, especially in the manner which they are traditionally worshipped.

We remember in the Purim story that when Haman entered the kings gate that Mordechi would not bow to him, althought Haman expected all men to bow to him. Haman wore an idol on his jacket so that whomever bowed to him would also be bowing to the idol. This is very serious stuff.

In the Pesach story we learn that Pharoah considered himself a god. He was a very conceited and egotistical specimen and he served his purpose perfectly. The fact that Obama bowed to this thug Saudi prince is evidence of where Obamas feelings lie. He is not Christian or Jewish, but most certainly he is a Muslim who is the servent of the Saudi thugocracy.

Obama Bows to Saudi Thug King

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6 Responses to Obama Bows to Saudi Thug

  1. ricktipton says:

    You sir are one sick puppy It’s no wonder there is so-much prejudice against our people when there a fanatics like you out there feulling the hatred. By the way stop the lies. Obama is a christian.

    • muman613 says:

      “Obama is a christian”…. Are you so sure… He recently admitted that he has ‘muslim roots’. He went to Cairo just last week and explained how he is such a good muslim. I think you will be surprised to learn the true nature of Obama. He is a muslim in the act of Taqiya {lying in order to establish islam}.

  2. phoenixgirl says:

    hi muman. hope all is well with you.

  3. avideditor says:

    that is a bow IMHO. You should post more.

  4. Obama is certainly a Muslim, it’s plain to see, he’s not trying to hide anything.

  5. Mark says:

    He has now has also bowed to the Japanese Emperor

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