WHY!?! Why excuse Fort Hood Terrorist?


Allah Akbar!

Why is the American media pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people? Why is the government lying to us about the motives? There are so many questions which are running inside my head it is making me dizzy. What happened last week at Fort Hood is most obviously an attack on America and American values. The perpetrator, who has been referred to as the ‘alleged attacker’, most obviously subscribed to a religious belief which glorifies violent struggle with what they perceive as the Great Satan.


Why do the ‘journalists’ like Gerlado Rivera constantly make excuses for terrorists? To compare this attack with Columbine is completely insane. The struggle of Jihad is most obvious if a person opens his eyes around the world and asks who is killing the innocent people. Virtually the entire world is feeling the scourge of Islam. Even if there is only a ‘small’ percentage of Muslims who believe the Saudi brand of radical Wahabbism there are Billions of muslims, meaning that there are many Millions of radicalized muslims.


“G-d is Great” the terrorist cries out as he kills his victims. To these crazed religious animals this is the ultimate glory before their vision of G-d. To me, as a religious Jew, it is the most vile form of desecration of the holiness of life. At the point they are killing others they are prepared to take their own lives. This Fort Hood attacker had no intention of living through his attack. He had given away many of his possessions ( . http://islamizationwatch.blogspot.com/2009/11/us-military-base-shooting-suspect-gave.html ).

Why did the government have surveillance on the attacker? It is known at this time that they were monitoring his communications. It is known that he had made contact with a lunatic exiled Al Queda Imam who is living in Yemen now. It is also known that he purchased an automatic weapon at a local gun shop over the summer. Why!? Why!? Why was he walking around the base wearing his islamic prayer robes? Did this not make anyone wonder why? It was not Halloween!


WHY was the safety of the poor victims not taken into consideration? Those poor victims whose loved ones will also wonder WHY!?!? What is wrong with our American government? Something is rotten in the core of our government and our media is going along with glee.

Every news article which appears on the internet shows a smiling face of the shooter. He could be the boy next door and he is a damn handsome ‘Palestinian’ soldier boy. How could anyone hold his murderous rampage against him? He had PTSD even though he had never served a day in combat. They are making excuses for this vile example of a human and he has refused to talk and will only talk with his ‘lawyer’.

Will the American people go like sheep to the slaughter? Those who know what is happening know that the goal of Islam is the creation of a global caliphate which will establish sharia law. And we know the status the ‘Infidel’ and the ‘Jew’ have in an Islamic world. Listen to the Imams spewing their hatred from the pulpit. There is genuine hatred in every Friday sermon in the middle east. Do we sit around waiting for them to lay the blade against our outstretched throats? We also learn from history that Hitler {y’s} made it clear that he hated Jews and wanted to remove them from the world. Yet everyone just sat around waiting for them to build the ovens and the gas chambers.

Now the Iranians are sporting to build some nuclear weapons. They have achieved a political position now where the world is almost resigned to a nuclear Iran. The repercussions of such a thing will be huge. Iran has a history of supplying weapons and terrorists to major organizations around the world. Iran will threaten the world once it has the ability to launch long range nuclear missiles. And we know that MAD {Mutual Assured Destruction} will not be a deterrent. Because Islam believes that there is glory in death, and they want to bring on the war to end the world.

( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_al-Mahdi#Significance_of_the_Twelfth_Imam ).

“Shi’as believe that Imam al-Mahdi will reappear when the world has fallen into chaos and civil war emerges between the human race for no reason. At this time, it is believed, half of the true believers will ride from Yemen carrying white flags to Mecca, while the other half will ride from Karbala, in Iraq, carrying black flags to Mecca. At this time, Imam al-Mahdi will come wielding G-d’s Sword, the Blade of Evil’s Bane, Zulfiqar (), the Double-Bladed Sword.”

WHY!? Why is the world sitting back and waiting? The enemy of America has risen its head and it sees that we are weak. They have no fear of America and this is why they have infiltrated our most intimate of agencies. In the desire for America to be a ‘melting-pot’ as it has been historically it has allowed a generation of arabs into our schools and our offices in the hopes they would assimilate. Many do assimilate but it also seems that second or third generation arabs have a desire to embrace their inner islam, and jihad is very exciting.

The business of Jihad is hot these days with many opinions from various Imams. Look at the indoctrination which occurs in Aza in Israel. The arabs are taught while still in the cradle to be suicide bombers and to hate Jews and the west with a passion. Just watch some of the stuff they say @ http://www.memri.org/ . These ‘people’ are taught that the Holocaust never happened and that Jews drink the blood of arab children. These ‘poor’ childrens minds are twisted from such an early age that it would take 2 generations before the propaganda they have been indoctrinated with will be forgotten.

I try to remain calm as I watch the world which I grew up with slowly destroyed. Why! I scream out late in night under my covers. My eyes tear up when I think that my brother was a victim of these twisted demons. I ask myself why my fellow Americans have pulled the wool over their eyes and they pretend that there is nothing wrong. Political Correctness can be downright deadly at times.

The wake up call occurred eight years ago and yet America is still in a deep denial. I am trying my hardest to get the world to see that Islam is not the religion of peace which it calls itself. It is a very dangerous ideology which can easily be twisted to be ‘exciting’ and ‘dangerous’ and ‘glorious’ by the Imams to accomplish the goal of Sharia. And we will all be dead or living as Dhimmis.

WHY! Why! why?

Terrorist Nidal Hasan

Terrorist wearing ceremonial Islamic garb

Baby terrorist

Baby Terrorist

Child Terrorist

Child Terrorist

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