Gadaffi the Comedian

Im anxiously awaiting news that Gadaffi is dead so that I can celebrate. I hate the man with passion. The Libyan despotic dicktator is responsible for the Lockerbie bombing in 1988. My brother knew one of the victims; she went to my high school. These crazy leaders will soon be doing hard time in Gehennom.

Mumar Gadoofi:

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One Response to Gadaffi the Comedian

  1. muman613 says:

    I’ve gotta admit that in retrospect the entire debacle in Libya was a mistake. With the attack on our consulate in Libya on 9/11 it seems that the terrorists are gaining ground. They control Egypt and are jockeying for power in Libya. Once America slithers out on its belly, we all know who will rise to power there…. Sad thing is that I really wanted Gadaffy dead…

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