LGF and Crazy Charles

Charles, the despotic leader of the blog known as Little Green Footballs (LGF) once again proves that the left is quick to call people racist and nazi. In this case a poor user was accused of being racist because she said ‘hunan’ when talking about getting take-out Chinese food.

I have never heard that there is a negative connotation for the word ‘Hunan’. I myself have ordered ‘Hunan-beef’ many times in my younger years. But Charles immediately banned a member for talking about Hunan chinese food.

Charles is one of the biggest idiots I have ever seen. I have added a banner in the side-bar on my blog which reads ‘Proudly Banned from LGF’ because I was banned from that pathetic blog back in 2008 when I was accused of being a proponent of Intelligent Design and because I related a story which demonstrated the racism of african americans where I overheard the conversation of two black men concerning obamas white mother. Since I left LGF I have been much happier because all LGF is is an echo chamber where everyone echos what Charles says. There is no such thing as freedom of expression, no such thing as freedom of belief… At LGF Charles is the final despot who controls who can post and who is banned.

I am happy to see that it was not a problem with me but a problem with the lunatic administrator Charles. May he wake up from his deep sleep soon…


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2 Responses to LGF and Crazy Charles

  1. James Adow says:

    Maybe the idiot is me, for I have let every actor use the term “racism” as a theatre of fake acculturation.
    I wonder, how are the English, German, Russian, American, Islamic, Indian and Jap dictionarys are describing this bone to pick test case.
    So Carlito maybe got’s to go shopping, down town for his matteeeer, he needs some dictionaries and looking betteeeer…

    Mumman, I could let “Carlito” choose one of the two meanings (etymology) of this “bad talisman”,
    but his behavior to you, has already forbid me, to discus any Roman (2nd etymology) or Hellas (other etymology) with any such these putrescible person.

    And forgive my nerves with Carlito de Juven, sometimes they are making me look as a dark side of something, because I am trying to shine.

  2. jajavax says:

    Why he is not trying to ban Bugs Bunny also, from his conscience, for eating a cartoon carrot ?

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