Rabbi Kahane – The voice of reason

As time goes by I begin to realize that Rabbi Kahane was right all along. If only we had listened to him 30 years ago we would not be in the precarious situation we find ourselves today. The enemies of the Jewish people have had ample time to plan their strategy, a strategy of public relations through the media which is greased with money from the Oil rich arab nations. When the arch-terrorist Yessir Arafat invented the ‘Palestinian People’ I had no idea that people would actually believe it. I was a young man in the 70s yet I remember hearing about this invented people and how they wanted to drive the Jews into the sea in a genocidal rage. I remember hearing about the hijackings, the hostage taking, the suicide bomber and thinking that the world would see through this attempt to destroy the Jewish people and their heritage in the Holy Land.

Rabbi Kahane was SPOT ON when he foretold that Jewish weakness would lead to the rise of rabid Jew-haters who utilize barbaric methods to terrorize the Jewish people. They kill themselves, they kill their children, and they murder babies in their sleep. They lie to the world concerning the Jewish history of the region, a history which is full of Jewish heritage and archeological evidence. The arabs learned a lot from their German cohort in WWII, that the big lie told enough times will be believed. The arabs worked hand-in-hand with the Nazis in their attempt to wipe out the world Jewish population. We all have seen the pictures of the mufti of Jerusalem shaking hands with Hitler and the facts concerning the Nazi involvement in forming the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mufti of Jerusalem speaking with Hitler Yemach Shemo

Jews, listen to Rabbi Kahane and try to argue with his reason. To those Jews who hold Torah dear, listen to the Rabbi explain why Jews must make aliyah to live in the land of Eretz Yisroel…. Listen to the words of the Rabbi, may his blood be avenged, and make teshuva in your heart. There is no time to waste…

Here are some very informative videos of Rabbi Kahanes speeches on YouTube:

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