Chabad Rebbe on Israel

The Rebbe was an exceptional man, a beacon of hope for the Jewish nation still in exile. Chabad Lubavitch is an organization which is unparalleled in the Jewish world today. Chabad emissaries are located throughout the world, in the farthest corners of this planet, in noble mission to bring all Jews back together to live in Israel.

Thanks to modern technology the world is full of the wisdom of the Rebbe. Many of his talks were recorded, both audio and video, and his videos are still being released to this day. Many of his incredibly prescient statements can be found on YouTube and DVD’s which can be purchased.

Here are a sample of the things the Rebbe said on the topic of Israel, the safety of the Jewish people in the Jewish land, and how to ensure peace in Jerusalem.

The Rebbe certainly loved every Jew and his mission was to bring them to fulfill the commandments of the Torah. Chabad to this day goes to extreme lengths to make sure that Jews can perform all the mitzvot including candle lighting, donning Tefillin, and keeping Kosher.


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