Rabbi Kahane’s (Zt’l) Yartzeit & Memorial

This Monday evening marks the 23rd year since the assassination of the great Gadol Rabbi Meir Kahane, may his blood be avenged. The date on the Hebrew calendar is the 18th day of MarCheshvan also known as October 21.

The legacy of Rabbi Kahane is incredible. A man who was and is either loved or hated by Jews, but his name is known by all. The great Rabbi has a love of his fellow Jew so great that he was not afraid of speaking the truth in a world which has much hostility towards Jews who don’t bow to the public opinion. Most Jewish establishments would not support the Rabbi even though everyone knew he was right.

The appeal of Rabbi Kahane is growing even to this day. Young Jews who were not born when he was alive are learning about a man who wanted nothing more than for Jews to be able to live in peace in their own country, the original Zionist dream. The secular Zionists wanted to live in a Jewish state to reduce antisemitism, but the truth is it increased Jew hatred because the secular Jew did not feel the 1000s year old desire to return to the land. A strong Jewish leader is required, and the current leaders of Israel are woefully weak.

Here is a video by Rabbi Levi Chazen of Mitzpe Yericho discussing the Parsha of Chai Sarah (which we read next week).

And the next video is a memorial for Rabbi Kahane in Los Angeles by Rabbi Moshe Parry. I met Rabbi Parry several years ago at a Shabbaton held by one of my Rabbis.

I hope to post more videos in the memory of Rabbi Kahane shortly.

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4 Responses to Rabbi Kahane’s (Zt’l) Yartzeit & Memorial

  1. Dina says:

    That is NOT Moshe Parry! It is Rabbi Levi Chazen of Mitzpe Yericho!

    • muman613 says:

      Shalom Dina,

      Indeed the 1st video is Rabbi Levi Chazen of Mitzpe Yericho, but the second video is Rabbi Moshe Parry… I am sorry for the confusion..

    • muman613 says:

      Shalom Dina,
      I have edited the blog post to make it clear that the 1st video is Rabbi Chazen, and the second one is Rabbi Parry…

      Thanks for pointing out that my post was not clear.


  2. Dina says:

    Many thanks for your correction!

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