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Aleinu Prayer – Saul Kaye Video

One of my favorite prayers occurs at the end of the prayer service. When we sing the Aleinu and bow and give thanks to the Creator of All, and he who frees us from the bondage of Egypt. Saul Kaye’s … Continue reading

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Video Study for Parasha Lech Lecha : The start of the incredible journey

This week we are reading the beginning of the Jewish people, the story of Avraham our father. This Parasha is called ‘Lech Lecha’ which can be translated as ‘Go Out to/for Yourself’. It relates the story of how Avram {his … Continue reading

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WHY!?! Why excuse Fort Hood Terrorist?

Why? Allah Akbar! Why is the American media pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people? Why is the government lying to us about the motives? There are so many questions which are running inside my head it … Continue reading

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