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Rabbi Kahane’s (Zt’l) Yartzeit & Memorial

This Monday evening marks the 23rd year since the assassination of the great Gadol Rabbi Meir Kahane, may his blood be avenged. The date on the Hebrew calendar is the 18th day of MarCheshvan also known as October 21. The … Continue reading

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Adon Olam – Saul Kaye’s Tefillah

Here is a video montage of images taken at the Kotel set the Saul Kayes masterful rendition of the traditional song of prayer, Adon Olam (Master of the Universe) which extols the awesome infinite magnificent G-d of our ancestors. There … Continue reading

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Rabbi Kahanes Shavuot Message

The Talmud relates the reason the Torah was given at Mount Sinai to the Jewish people. Here Rabbi Kahane concludes his speech revealing a second message we learn from this Talmudic wisdom. I hope to resume posting more often but … Continue reading

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Daf Yomi – Avodah Zarah 20b

Sometimes I like to read the lessons of Daf taught through the Daf Yomi. The Daf Yomi is a system of learning the Talmud which divides it into daily lessons. It takes 7 1/2 years to complete the entire Talmud. … Continue reading

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Pictures from my Sukkot Party

I just got home from a wonderful afternoon of celebrating the end of Sukkot. We had a lovely barbecue with all my good friends from Chabad in Contra Costa county. I snapped a couple of pictures on my cell phone … Continue reading

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Happy Sukkot!

HAPPY SUKKOT! Sukkot time is always extremely exciting. This year it has been difficult and it is very invigorating. I am hoping everyone has a wonderful Simchas Torah. muman613

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Parsha – Nitzavim

Shalom, We are quickly coming to the end of our Holy Torah once again. This Shabbat we read Parsha Nitzavim which relates some of the final messages which Moshe our teacher wanted to impart to the Jewish people. Moshe gathers … Continue reading

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