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White House Hosts Jihadi Terrorists

I strongly believe that this current administration is betraying our best interests by meeting with Islamists who are currently plotting mass destruction against our country. It seems to me that the Obama presidency is pursuing a policy of appeasing theĀ terrorists … Continue reading

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WHY!?! Why excuse Fort Hood Terrorist?

Why? Allah Akbar! Why is the American media pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people? Why is the government lying to us about the motives? There are so many questions which are running inside my head it … Continue reading

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Another Low-Life Arab Terrorist gets his head blown off

For the third time in the last year a Israeli Arab has come down with Sudden Jihad Syndrome and taken the tractor which he was driving and used it as a weapon against innocent Jews in Jerusalem. I am a … Continue reading

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Watch the Dog Die on Live TV

The scumbag Phalistian who killed Four Jews and injured 40 others was caught on camera as his head was popped like a balloon. Normally I dont like to watch this kind of violence, but I have a thing about terrorists … Continue reading

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Phalistinian Terrorist Shot Three Times in Head

AWESOME! An Arab Israeli went on his jihad today. He killed Four innocent Jews and wounded at least 40 others. Luckily a Jewish Hero was on hand to dispatch the evildoer with three shots to the noggin {pop goes the … Continue reading

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