Be a Proud Jew : Rabbi David Nesenoff’s Inspiring Lecture

Shalom Shalom,

This evening I attended an event held by my Chabad Rabbi. He hosted Rabbi David Nesenoff, the famous Rabbi who exposed the decrepit Jew hating White House press-core ‘dean’ Helen (Yemach Shemo) Thomas. The evening was full of humorous stories about how divine providence led him to his current mission, exposing the Jew hatred in the mainstream media. By doing this he has made enemies, even receiving many 1000s of death threats, from the non-Jews and even from some left-leaning self-hating Jews.

I am proud to have met this upright Yid, to shake his hand and offer a hearty ‘Kol HaKavod’, and to have my picture taken alongside this Jewish hero. The JTF is very clear about how phony the mainstream Jewish establishments are, and Rabbi Nesenoff validated this concern when he informed us of the resistance that some Jewish press organizations had. Many did not want to ‘stir the pot’ by releasing the fact that Miss Thomas basically told the Jewish people that they had stolen the land from the so-called ‘palestinians’.

Miss Thomas was ignorant of the fact that the Jewish peoples presence in the land far pre-dates the Holocaust. And even without the Shoah, the land of Israel is Jewish and will always remain Jewish. There is no new covenant, the covenant made with our father Abraham was eternal, and the Torah clearly says that there will be no replacement for the Torah, nor replacement of his beloved people (even if they are not so beloved at the time).

The enemies of the Jewish people are trying to de-legitimize the Jewish peoples presence in their own land. They try to prevent Jews from praying at their Holy Sites, our Holy Temple mount is off limits for religious Jews who are arrested for simply moving their lips in prayer. Jews have to live in fear while visiting the Tomb of Rachel our matriarch because of terrorists.

So too this week, when we Jews remember our father Abraham and Sarah who are buried at the Cave of Machpelah in Hevron, and the security forces must ensure the peace otherwise religious Jews would be killed by viscous arab ‘jihadis’. The lie and steal our land, accusing us of the very crimes they are guilty of.

Here is an interview of the Rabbi on ShalomTV:

Here is a photo taken of the Rabbi and myself…

Rabbi David Nesenoff and me

Rabbi Nesenoff’s advice is for Jews to continue to do Jewish things. We must continue to do the mitzvot (commandments), we must continue to stand up for what is right in the face of incredible opposition. We cannot be quiet, we cannot be like sheep, rather we must be Jews. The anti-Jew is incapacitated when a real Jew acts Jewish.

I am openly Jewish, wearing my kippah and tzit-tzits every day. When a Jew is doing what he or she should be doing the nations of the world are unable to indict us. The land is ours, when we act like it is not ours (by giving away this or that piece of land) the world begins to ask whether it was really ours to begin with.

We should not negotiate with people who have sworn to kill us, who joined with Hitler in the Shoah to bring about our extinction. The Jew must not bow to the pressure of the nations to commit suicide. We answer to the highest authority, Hashem, who is the master of Heaven and Earth, and the land was given to the Jewish people as an eternal heritage. The arabs are nothing but thieves and murderers, and they must be encouraged to leave our land.


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