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Bush’s Fault Baked-Beans, For Real!

While shopping the other day I realized just how crazy the liberals and democrats are. They are so desperate in order to shift the blame from Obama. I looked on the shelf and there I saw it, a can of … Continue reading

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Gadaffi the Comedian

Im anxiously awaiting news that Gadaffi is dead so that I can celebrate. I hate the man with passion. The Libyan despotic dicktator is responsible for the Lockerbie bombing in 1988. My brother knew one of the victims; she went … Continue reading

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Scooby Over Dubai

Well, this post is totally off-topic but I have no other place to publish one of my attempts at ‘Photoshopping’ images. I use the Linux application ‘The Gimp’ for all my image manipulation needs. The Gimp is very powerful and … Continue reading

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Obama Bows to Saudi Thug

It is scary that Obama/Osama is president of this country. Sometimes I wake up and feel like we are living through a very, very bad dream. Every bit of news which comes out, whether it is the fact the virtually … Continue reading

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Radio KAOS – Flashback

From a Roger Waters album I used to listen to… Jim: This is KAOS. It’s a beautiful, balmy, Southern California summer day. It’s 80 degrees … I said balmy … I could say bomby … Ha! Ha! …O.K. I’m Jim … Continue reading

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Cat Videos

I just took a couple videos of my favorite cat. She is so cute… Sorry, there is no sound. More cat videos will be uploaded soon!

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My father used to tell me that life was tough, that it is not a bowl of cherries, and we have to work for ourselves and our families. When I was younger this never seemed to make sense. When I … Continue reading

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