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Rabbi Kahane (Z’tl) WAS & IS a modern day Maccabee

It has occurred to me that our great teacher Rabbi Meir Kahane (May his memory be a blessing, May his blood be avenged) can be compared to Matisyahu Maccabee without concern for denigrating either. Many things brought me to this … Continue reading

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Rabbi Kahane’s (Zt’l) Yartzeit & Memorial

This Monday evening marks the 23rd year since the assassination of the great Gadol Rabbi Meir Kahane, may his blood be avenged. The date on the Hebrew calendar is the 18th day of MarCheshvan also known as October 21. The … Continue reading

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Boycott Roger Waters – He is a Jew hater

Stay tuned for a complete expose on the Jew hating Pink Floyd member. In my youth I was quite a fan of the Pink Floyd but when I heard this monster spout such hatred of the Jewish state I realized … Continue reading

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White House Hosts Jihadi Terrorists

I strongly believe that this current administration is betraying our best interests by meeting with Islamists who are currently plotting mass destruction against our country. It seems to me that the Obama presidency is pursuing a policy of appeasing theĀ terrorists … Continue reading

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Bush’s Fault Baked-Beans, For Real!

While shopping the other day I realized just how crazy the liberals and democrats are. They are so desperate in order to shift the blame from Obama. I looked on the shelf and there I saw it, a can of … Continue reading

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Rabbi Kahanes Shavuot Message

The Talmud relates the reason the Torah was given at Mount Sinai to the Jewish people. Here Rabbi Kahane concludes his speech revealing a second message we learn from this Talmudic wisdom. I hope to resume posting more often but … Continue reading

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Never Again – The message of Rabbi Kahane

This powerful rock/rap song expresses the feeling of the Jewish people concerning the massacres, progroms, crusades, and the Holocausts propagated against my people. Those who deny that the Jewish people were treated unfairly and abused throughout the generations will face … Continue reading

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